Nevada’s Wildfire

A Satisfying Settlement in the Case of Nevada’s Wildfire Lawsuit

There was a conjecture settlement in the famous case of insurance companies and many homeowners who filed a negligence suit against the state of Nevada. This court proceeding started back in 2016. Continue reading!

$80 Million Negligence Lawsuit Has Reached Its Closure

After an intense wildfire, twenty-three houses were completely destroyed in the south of Reno, back in 2016. The process lasted three years before the conjecture settlement finally closed the notorious case.

Nevada’s legal representatives and over sixty litigants made a statement to the judge in their case in Reno that the state Board of Examiners has a plan to vote for the agreement on June 12th.

A legal representative for the citizens who made the lawsuit, William Jeanney, stated that he could not discuss any details. But he disclosed to the reporters that this represents an excellent deal for both parties, given all involved circumstances.

He added that Attorney General Aaron Ford and Governor Steve Sisolak exerted a substantial impact on the positive outcome and helped to reach the settlement.

Next trial is scheduled to take place at the end of this year, sometime in December. And this will give the final words as to how significant the damage actually is.

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