Racial Economic Inequality

Nevada Takes Ninth Place in Racial Economic Inequality

A new study shows that Nevada is not doing enough to prevent racial economic inequality. If you want to know more about this state’s issue, you are in the right place!

Nevada Finishes Ninth in Racial Wealth Gap

According to a recent study conducted by Prosperity Now, the state of Nevada is on the ninth place as far as the racial wealth gap is concerned in the country. Those who conducted this study devoted their attention to low-income communities and families in the United States. Namely, they wanted to see what kind of economic opportunities they received.

Furthermore, this non-profit organization, situated in Washington DC, published a scorecard. Here, they ranked the District of Columbia together with the 50 states on the basis of prosperity of their citizens. The information indicates that Americans are still bearing the brunt of the last recession. Out of all of them, people of color are the most vulnerable ones.

What’s more, Nevada’s poverty rate amounts to 12%. This figure is a little bit below the country’s average — which is at 13%. However, the study also shows that 17% of African-American residents live in poverty in this particular state. When you compare this to white households and find that the rate for them is 9%, then you will come across a substantial disparity. But other ethnic groups confront poverty at even larger percentages! To be specific, the study of Native American households has encouraged experts to conclude that their poverty rates are at 31%.

Additional Findings

Apart from this, the available details reveal that 11% of African-Americans have not been able to cover for all of their bills in the past year. Just to compare, this number sits at the 5% mark among white households. Also, Nevada did not excel in insurance coverage for its total population. Even though nationwide this rate is 10%, for some reason it amounts to 13% in this state. Bearing in mind all of the above, it is only logical that people of color are the most uninsured residents of Nevada.

In addition, the study delved deeper into the non-elderly population (so those who were under 65). It concluded that 18% of African-Americans did not possess any health insurance. As for white households, about 9% of them were not insured.

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