Pot Holiday 420

Pot Holiday 420 Sees Record Purchases and People Missing Work

Will the 420 pot holiday see people spending more money on marijuana while skipping work for the day? Find out more about it here!

More People Skip Work on Pot Holiday, as Purchases Rise

Since the widespread legalization of marijuana in the US, pot holidays such as 420 have been gaining more and more traction. And this year, it seems that a larger number of recreative marijuana users will be skipping work and purchasing a substantial amount of the plant.

A recently released report has revealed interesting trends regarding marijuana use in Nevada. Financial website LendEDU has published their findings based on a survey conducted on thousand US adults who were deemed likely to use marijuana on 420. It seems that the average pot customer planned to spend $146 on the plant. This also includes money for secondary marijuana products, such as required paraphernalia and food to satisfy larger appetites caused by weed use.

Even more interestingly, out of surveyed 420 enthusiasts, around 35% planned to take leave from work for the day. According to Mike Brown, a LendEDU analyst, this testifies to the increasingly mainstream appeal of marijuana. As a result, events such as 420 are becoming more prolific in the general public.

Brown’s company was aided in their research on 420 pot usage by a polling website Pollfish while producing their report. They jointly concluded that customers in Las Vegas would probably spend a great deal less than the budget mentioned in the survey. Namely, because the prices of the marijuana plant are lower in comparison to other states.

Seemingly, the increased popularity of 420 is a general U.S. trend, unrelated to Nevada specifically. A pot research company from Colorado called BDS Analytics had published numbers which coincide with LendEDU findings. They concluded that pot sales on April 20 were around 220% bigger than the average sales in dispensaries of legal marijuana. Also, a 2016 study conducted on 40,000 consumers of marijuana has discovered that the average user in Washington tends to spend between $27 and $64 on legal purchases of the plant.

As mentioned above, this nation-wide trend was more than present in Nevada too. It seems all legal dispensaries across Nevada, of which there are 62, experienced a massive boost in sales on 420. Andrew Jolley stated something along those lines, as a representative of the Nevada Dispensary Association. He is also the owner of several dispensaries himself, in Henderson and Las Vegas. Unsurprisingly, his own business figures coincide with the other business owners’ findings as well.

With the ever-increasing appeal of recreational marijuana use, it’s no wonder that many venues and dispensaries situated in the Las Vegas Valley have organized huge 420 events. There were all kinds of celebrations, as well as competitions with valuable prizes. All things considered, the first weed holiday with legal pot sales in the state of Nevada has been a huge success.

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