Skiing Fans

Skiing Fans Rejoice Because of Snow

The cold weather in California does not irritate some residents. Check out this article to get the full coverage on these unusual conditions.

California’s Residents Happy Due to Snow in Spring

Fresh snow covered the hills of the Sierra Nevada this past Thursday. This happened after a late-spring storm which reminded everyone of winter. And it spread across California and increased rainfall and snowpack totals. These were already above normal. Aside from this, the weather forced authorities to attempt rescues. To be specific, they saved four hikers on the Redwood Coast. And they had to rescue two people who were stuck on an island on the Los Angeles River.

What’s more, the officials at the Mammoth Mountain reported that about a foot of snow fell on its peak. With this figure, the season total is now at 58 feet at this summit. The ski area would permit boarding and skiing because enough snow had fallen. They would allow these activities until the 4th of July.

Furthermore, one resident, Jason Elrick, was ecstatic because of this new weather, and he kept a close eye on the storm and its progress. He watched Mammoth Mountain and decided to go on a five-hour drive to this ski resort. Namely, he wanted to hit the slopes. Elrick went on to state that he had a flexible job which allowed him just to leave the office in order to ski.

He believed that the conditions could not be better, and it felt like it was winter at the resort. In addition, Elrick presumed that Friday would be a “bluebird day.” This is skier parlance, which means that the state will enjoy sunny weather after a huge snow dump.

The Impact of the Weather

The good news was that these conditions exerted a positive influence on drought in California. It was almost eliminated due to them. Although they are interfering with people’s travel plans, they are also stocking up on this state’s water supply. In other words, the Sierra snowpack melted, and thus, flowed into all of the available reservoirs. The weather service expected more snow to fall. Therefore, they issued winter storm warnings, which will be in force until Friday. This was applicable for the southern Sierra from Yosemite all through the south to Kern County.

Also, the Sacramento National Weather Service took to Twitter to post a series of photos which depicted snowy Interstate 80. They wrote that this reminded them of Winter Wonderland. This unusual weather set a gray and wintry cast all across the Golden State. Also, it presented a problem for outdoor aficionados and avid travelers who were used to moderate conditions during this time of the year.

Moreover, bad news came from the California Department of Transportation, which had to shut down State Route 89, much to the annoyance of some of the residents. Monitor Pass, a popular road, suffered a similar fate. And Sequoia National Forest addressed those who wanted to know when access roads and campgrounds would open. They claimed that snow was deep, which made all the sites and trails wetter than usual. However, Forest crews would do their best to open most of the campgrounds right before the Memorial Day weekend.

The storm caused rain to come down in Northern California on Wednesday. Those cities around the San Francisco Bay Area got an inch of it. Meanwhile, an area in Sonoma County received more than 5 inches. This was not peculiar at all, as this region was always wetter in the past.

Rescue Efforts

Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies came across four hikers. They had trekked about several miles. Namely, their intentions were to make a camp at Gold Bluffs Beach. Sadly, they lost their tent when the storm blew it away. And they had to find solace in a restroom facility.

Additionally, the storm reached Southern California too. This made all the roads quite slippery and increased the seasonal rainfall. As for Los Angeles, it got about 0.48 inches of rain. This was a record for this particular date. Apart from this city, many other communities broke their records as well. Alicia Ochoa, a street vendor, was reluctant to go out and work at first. But in the end, she did venture out in the rain. She said that this weather would not prevent her from doing her job.

The usually calm Los Angeles River succumbed to this rain. It turned into a torrent which ended up confining two people to a small island. Fortunately enough, the Fire Department saved them. Lastly, the San Diego weather office announced that snowfall could come to elevations as low as 6,000 feet by Thursday night. They anticipated more rain to pour down all through the weekend and into the early next week.

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