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Teens May Benefit More from Obesity Surgery than Adults

It might be better to have obesity surgery sooner rather than later in one’s life. Read the findings of the most recent research here.

Obesity Surgery Might Be More Beneficial to Teens than Adults

A recent study implies that teens who undergo obesity surgery shed as much weight as those who have the same operation when they are adults. Additionally, teens have bigger chances of resolving other health issues. Among them are high blood pressure and diabetes. The outcome of this research indicates that it is wise not to ignore obesity — it should be addressed as soon as possible. Aside from this, experts state that they need to conduct a longer study if they want to discover all of the lifetime effects this operation has on a person.

According to them, the matter of trying it out or not should be a personal choice. The New England Journal of Medicine decided to share this study with the public. And it was delivered at the Combating Childhood Obesity conference which happened in Texas. Also, the National Institutes of Health financed it. During the course of the research, experts consulted with some makers of obesity surgery tools.

Obesity and Its Negative Impact

All the negative effects of obesity start to amass after some time. This is when a person begins to become more susceptible to other diseases. In addition, a risk of dying prematurely exists as well here. Physicians tend to view surgery as a last resort — something they would turn to if an individual is not capable of losing weight by following the standard methods. We are referring to exercising, dieting, and even taking medicines.

So, it did not come as a surprise that the team, spearheaded by Dr. Thomas Inge, was itching to find out what the best time for this surgery was. Is it in mid-life, which is quite prevalent now? Or perhaps it might be best to have it sooner? Some believe that the latter move would stop any other health issues. Well, the researchers compared results to come to their conclusion. These were taken from two in-depth examinations of the gastric bypass surgery.

And this type of procedure produced a smaller stomach pouch in 396 adults and 161 teens. All of them had been overweight ever since they were teenagers. It was established that both groups shed significant amounts of their weight. They lost something between 26% to 29% of their mass. In fact, diabetes, the biggest concern for most of them, went into remission. To be specific, this occurred among 53% of adults and 86% of teens. They all struggled with this disease before their respective operations.

Additional Results

When it comes to high blood pressure, it followed a similar fate as diabetes. In this case, it went into remission in 41% of adults and 68% of teenagers. Another thing that experts noticed was that certain side effects tended to be more prevalent among the teens. More often than not, this group had to undergo another operation.

However, they reported an unexpected and devastating finding. According to the results, around 2% of each respective group died. But two of the teenagers passed away because of a drug overdose. This means that self-harm and substance abuse might be a concern among this group.

All in all, these findings were consistent with another study in which adults and teens took center stage. This, at least, is Ted Adams’ remark in the journal itself. He wrote that around 6% of teenagers are obese in the United States. In these cases, bariatric surgery was the most successful and viable option.

Lastly, a significant number of overweight teenagers remain obese all through their adulthood. These individuals have more fragile health than those who start to gain weight at an older age. However, Adams stated that this did not indicate that the best choice would be to have surgery as soon as possible.

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